Handcrafted & Custom Designed Jewelry 

Jewelry is an extended expression of who we are and how we feel.  At times we want to be serious or elegant, subtle, sometimes playful or fun, and sometimes we want to express our essential uniqueness and desire to be different.  Unique custom designed & handcrafted jewelry gives us an opportunity to stand out and shine.

All of my jewelry designs are created with the highest quality beads, pearls, gemstones and metals collected from around the world.

If you see an image of a piece below, that is not in my store area, give me a call and I can attempt to recreate something close.

Vintagerie is the combination of the words vintage and menagerie. A menagerie is an odd or eclectic assortment of things, or a collection of animals that are kept to be exhibited.  I think of my jewelry as a collage of vintage style embellishments, creatures and stones, crystals and pearls, hand crafted lamp work beads.

QUALITY:  I use mostly quality solid brass components when making the handmade, handcrafted Vintagerie line.  Some of my pieces may contain oxidized sterling silver and gold fill. as well.  Now and then I may use other metals when I cannot get an especially neat embellishments or charms-pendants in solid brass.

Many of the “antique brass” components you see in the market are only plated and may not even be plated with brass.  Eventually this brass looking finish on these charms, chains, beads and clasps will wear off and you end up with a two tone piece of jewelry.

Solid brass will oxidize like silver and you end up with that antique look.  Most of the brass I use I purposely oxidized for a vintage feel.  As you wear the piece the brass will be polished where it touches the skin.  Then you will have beautiful golden highlights appear.  If you stop wearing your jewelry it will again darken to that vintage look.

Brass does not usually turn your skin green, but if your chemistry is highly acidic you may get green discoloration from brass.  This usually happens with bracelets and rings where your skin sweats next to the metal.  I have not had anyone tell me they have had this issue with necklaces or earrings. Applying nail polish or nickel guard to your brass and copper jewelry (and occasionally reapplying) will stop this from happening.